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Steam Training

Steam Systems

Steam Training

Steam and condensate leakage in the system can contribute to significant energy losses—as high as 9% of the overall energy consumption—in a plant's operations. In fact, due to the high cost of these energy losses, the correction of steam and condensate leakage offers very lucrative paybacks. The greatest benefit of a proactive steam and condensate leakage correction program is that most leaks can be corrected without expending capital.

To support our customers that use steam in their production facilities, we offer a wide variety of training classes. These courses help attendees design, optimize, and troubleshoot their systems, and are well suited for technicians, engineers, and managers. Swagelok steam training courses provide education on component selection, plant safety, and system reliability. In all classes, attendees work in small groups to accomplish different tasks relating to a steam system.

Steam Basics - Levels 1 and 2 (1 day each)

Overview of the properties of steam and steam systems.

In Steam Basics 1, attendees learn critical areas of steam system management including cost calculations, flash steam, steam traps, and water hammer. Other topics include: 

  • Steam fundamentals
  • Steam quality
  • Steam system components
  • Flash steam recovery
  • Safety

Attendees work in small groups to accomplish different tasks relating to a steam system.


Steam Basics 2 expands on the topics included in the Steam Basics 1. Topics include: 

  • Review of Steam Basics 1
  • Boilers
  • Heat recovery
  • Steam piping
  • Condensate piping
  • Expansion
  • Insulation


Steam System Specialist -- Total System Reliability, Safety, and Optimization (3 days)

  • Reviews all aspects of a steam system. 

  • Designed to provide attendees with a solid foundation of understanding a total steam system from steam generation through condensate recovery.


Steam System Specialist - Steam Generation Equipment & Components (3 days)

  • Focuses specifically on steam generation equipment (boilers) and associated components.

  • Attendees participate in groups of two or three to gain a thorough understanding of fundamentals of boiler plant design including accessory components (turbines, deaerators, etc.)



Email Pat Duffy,, to request training.  Pat will follow up with full details.


Your Instructor

Kelly Paffel is a recognized global authority in industrial steam systems with more than 40 years of experience in steam and power operations. He is an experienced lecturer who has published over 60 technical papers on the topics of steam system design and operation. Mr. Paffel is known throughout the world for writing "Steam System Best Practices," which are used by plants and engineers to ensure proper operation of steam and condensate systems. Over the past 35 years, Mr. Paffel has personally conducted thousands of steam system assessments, project management tasks, turnkey projects, product design, engineering assignments and training sessions in North America and overseas. He is a mentor to steam system engineers around the world and is a member of the Association of Energy Engineers, ASHRAE, International District Energy Association, AFE Group and the Department of Energy's Steam Best Practices Committee and Steam Technical Committee.