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Weld Training Success 2016

Weld Training
Weld Training is Interactive


For a full week in May, nine welders and aspiring welders cut tubing, measured for proper arc gap settings, and made gas tungsten arc welds at Swagelok Albany | Connecticut | Vermont | Westchester. The orbital weld training included both classroom-style lectures and practical application. The students came from a variety of industries including aerospace, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas, and from other Swagelok distributorships. Their experience in the field ranged from two to 40 years. They were trained by Ernie Benway, who holds more than 12 U.S. and foreign patents for fluid systems components and orbital arc welding equipment (the license plate on his vehicle reads “DWELDER”). Benway engaged with the students and used a borescope to inspect and critique their welds. One student shared that “Ernie Benway is a great instructor for this course.”    

“This was a very talented class,” said Ernie Benway, senior training specialist for orbital welding for Swagelok Company. “Some of the students had welding experience and I observed them collaborating with others to share their expertise. Some were new to welding and I was pleased to see that they grasped the concepts and techniques quickly.”

The orbital weld training is just one of the training sessions offered by the Services Department at Swagelok Albany | Connecticut | Vermont | Westchester. Others include tube fitting installation and VCR metal gasket face seal fitting installation training, tube fitting installation inspection, tube bending, medium and high pressure cone and thread installation, and Process Analyzer Sampling System. Industry-specific training is offered for steam basics and advanced materials training. 

“These students got the training they needed to become ASME certified or to renew their certification,” said Tom Szychulski, Director of Services for Swagelok Albany | Connecticut | Vermont | Westchester. “The people who are at the beginning of their careers now have an important certification that is held in high regard in industry.” 

When the students were asked what they would say to someone who is considering participating in the training, one engineer replied “Absolutely take the training and get the expertise.” Another said the training was “absolutely well worth it.”

For other training classes, please visit and click on Services/Swagelok Certified Training.