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Swagelok Albany | Connecticut

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Natural Gas Panels

Natural Gas monitoring equipment standardization enhances safety of operations and assures quality, helping keep costs down while reducing waste and operational downtime.

Natural Gas delivery companies commonly supply natural gas through a series of underground pipelines. These pipelines have monitoring systems at various locations to monitor gas quality, pipeline pressure, and flow requirements. Safety, security, and accuracy are paramount throughout these systems as they are often located within or close to a populated area. A variety of Natural Gas monitoring equipment as well as odor injection equipment is utilized along these pipelines as well.

Swagelok Albany | Connecticut has worked with many Natural Gas supply companies to develop a variety of "Swagelok Custom Solutions Assemblies" commonly used in the Natural Gas industry. These assemblies are designed with safety and consistency in mind. Standardization within like products and systems aid an ever changing workforce, allowing for ease of operational training and minimizing confusion and user error.

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