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Swagelok Albany | Connecticut

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Swagelok Tube Fitter's Toolbox

The Swagelok Tube Fitter’s Toolbox contains a complete set of Swagelok hand tools specifically designed for fabricating tubing systems.

The set of tools is designed for use with the three most common tube sizes: 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2”. All of the tools are securely contained in a lockable, water-resistant case with wheels to make transporting easy. When closed, the case measures 36” x 16” x 6”.

The Swagelok Tube Fitter's Toolbox, part number AVF-FSTOOLS-KIT, contains the following hand tools:  

(3) Hand Tube Benders
Tube Cutter
(3) Gap Inspection Gauges
Swagelok Tube Fitter's Manual
(3) Tee Wrenches
(3) Ratchet Wrenches
(3) Pre-Swaging Tools

The Swagelok Tube Fitter's Toolbox gives you all the tools you'll need on the job site to make the installation process easier.