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eDTR software is an extraordinary new tool that we have developed to help you quickly find Swagelok® solutions for your fluid system applications.  The eDTR allows you to have all the latest catalogs, technical information and CAD drawings with a simple click of your mouse. 

  • The eDTR software is free and can be downloaded on multiple PCs, allowing your coworkers to have this information too!


  • The eDTR will signal when there are updates available that allows you to quickly update all of your Swagelok catalogs.


  • The eDTR allows your team to be more efficient while providing a “green” alternative to the traditional paper catalogs. 


  • Instantly find Swagelok® components via ‘search’.  Search by keywords to pin-point a solution or see results that could be related to what you’re looking for.


  • Once downloaded, internet access is not necessary to utilize the eDTR.  (Internet access is necessary to receive eDTR software updates).


To get your hands on an eDTR jump stick just Contact Us!

Now available as an iPad app on the Apple iTunes store! 

eDTR App