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New AH Series High-Pressure Metal Hose with Alloy C-276 Core Tube Now Available

Swagelok introduces the AH series, an all-metal hose with an alloy C-276 core, to help meet your needs for improved corrosion resistance. An alloy C-276 core has shown to be beneficial in situations such as high-sulfur and chlorine applications with corrosive media.

The AH series has the same technical parameters of the FJ stainless steel series hose for pressure, temperature, and bend radii. 316L braid, 316/316L weld collar, and 316/316L end connections will be standard. It is currently available in 1/2, 1, 1 1/2, and 2 inch nominal hose sizes with 3/4 inch available by May 15th.
Alloy C-276 braid and end connections are available upon request for applications where additional corrosion resistance is needed. Contact Us for more information.