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New Products and Services


Wrapped Insulation and Cover Accessory Available for Swagelok Hose

A wrapped insulation and cover accessory rated from -53°C to 125°C (-65°F to 257°F) is now available for Swagelok hose to help meet customers' needs for insulating hoses in cold to medium temperature applications. The insulation accessory is available for all hose except PB series rubber hose assemblies.

The insulation is a low thermal conductivity aerogel material that is sold as standard in 2 to 5 layers on a hose. A polyolefin heat shrink cover then maintains flexibility in the hose, provides a vapor barrier, and resists abrasion, while a silicone boot provides a seal that prevents ingress of moisture into the insulation layers.

The insulation and cover materials are the same as what is offered in the -X option, available as a product special, with the addition of the silicone boots. To order, contact and add an insulation designator, cover color, and desired number of insulation layers to the typical ordering number.   


Please note: this option is not recommended for use on hoses with silicone covers.



New ALD20 Atomic Layer Deposition Valve Available

To help meet the semiconductor industry's technical application challenges, Swagelok is introducing the new ALD20 Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) valve. The ALD20 valve is the latest addition to the Swagelok family of ALD products and was designed for semiconductor OEM and fab applications. The patent-pending design allows for higher flow rates with a flow coefficient (Cv) up to 1.7 compared to the 0.62 of the ALD6. The ALD20 also utilizes an Alloy 22 ultra-high purity (UHP) bellows for enhanced corrosion resistance.

In addition, the ALD20 body and actuator can be fully thermally immersed up to 392°F (200°C).
Standard Availability
The ALD20 valve is offered with
  • Normally closed Modular Surface Mount (MSM) two- and three-port 1.5-inch platforms with a High-Flow C-seal design. A four-port valve is also available. 
  • Swagelok VCR® end connections
  • 1/2 in. tube butt weld end connections
  • Alloy 22 body and end connections
  • Multi-port body
  • Custom flow coefficient designs
  • Position sensor

For details on the ALD20, see our sellsheet.


Ordering the ALD20 Valve
Contact us to order.