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Swagelok Albany | Connecticut

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Tube Fitting Advantage


Discover the Swagelok Tube Fitting Advantage

The unfailing reliability of the Swagelok tube fitting is the result of our:

  • Proven Design
  • Manufacturing Excellence
  • Superior Raw Materials
  • Strong Supply Chain

These advantages, along with the care of our associates, culture of quality, and unrivaled experience, all work together to ensure that every Swagelok fitting meets our customers’ highest expectations for safety and dependability.

Better By Design

Fluid systems expertise is not developed overnight. Swagelok first introduced the two-ferrule tube fitting more than 70 years ago. Ever since then, we have continuously improved our design for unmatched performance and reliability in thousands of diverse applications.

The key benefits of a Swagelok tube fitting are its tube grip, gas seal, and vibration resistance. Coming fully assembled, fitting connections can be reassembled over and over again.

Swagelok performs rigorous testing on thousands of samples, with some tests taking 10 million cycles to complete, to ensure that you are utilizing only the most reliable tube fittings in your fluid system applications.

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Excellence in Manufacturing

Because Swagelok seeks to ensure peace of mind for you, we continuously improve our manufacturing process to provide you with the highest quality tube fittings on the market. Our process control, unfailing quality system, and uniquely skilled operators produce tube fittings of superior quality and unmatched craftsmanship.

Swagelok owns the manufacturing process from start to finish, using optimized top-of-the-line tools and machining methods across 20 production facilities to provide you with superior quality products.

If your project requires material traceability, we've got you covered. Here at Swagelok, we store all our Product ID/Batch Codes as part of our Swagelok Quality System. We are able to provide material certifications for any orders within the last 7 years.

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Material Difference

From the melt to the machining, Swagelok never compromises on quality. The outstanding performance of Swagelok tube fittings, which is made possible by our unique design, is known throughout industry, but this performance is made possible only by upholding the highest quality standards for our materials. We closely monitor our stainless steel from the procurement at approved mills to inspection and validation for product development, thus helping to ensure uniformity and high quality tube fittings for your use every time.

Swagelok uses a unique low-temperature carburization process, SAT12®, to enrich the metal in Swagelok tube fitting ferrules, enabling the metal to achieve a tool-steel-like hardness and strength.

Chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking (CSCC) Testing: 

  • Performed for 9 brands including Swagelok
  •   39% of our competitors' nuts crack and 2.7% leak
  • Swagelok nuts do not fail even under severe CSCC conditions

We offer a wide range of alloys for our fittings to provide you with chemical and corrosion resistance in your applications. Check out our tube fitting catalog to review the alloys available.

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Stronger Supply Chain

When you think of Swagelok tube fittings, you know you can always count on our products' availability. Our global distribution network operates in 70 countries, with 225 Sales and Service Centers, 20 manufacturing facilities, and 5 global tech centers. With our local talents at Swagelok Albany | Connecticut, our entire team is engaged and dedicated to offer you the very best experience, anytime, anywhere.

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Tube Fitting Advantage Interactive PDF

Tube Fitting Advantage Interactive PDF

Contact Brittany Schraeder, Sales Engineer, for more information on how Swagelok's Tube Fitting gives you the advantage.