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Illuminated Gauges
Illuminated Gauges


Swagelok now offers two new, unique gauge faces with illumination options that improve visibility in low-light environments. Get the right reading every time. No wires, batteries, or electricity required.

Illumination, in combination with larger numerals on the gauge faces, makes reading a gauge easier in environments such as:

  • Low-light plant interiors
  • Limited access areas within a plant
  • Behind machinery and ductwork
  • Areas where steam may inhibit visibility
  • Outdoor areas requiring gauge reading at a distance, day or night

Option One includes a retro-reflective (reflects light back to the source) material affixed to the dial face. This fluorescent color absorbs non-visual UV light reflecting additional light and making the gauge more visible. Available in white, fluorescent orange, and fluorescent green.

Option Two includes a retro-reflective, photo-luminescent (luminescence induced by the absorption of visible light, infrared, or ultraviolet radiation) dial design that illuminates the entire front of the instrument dial for an extended amount of time after being exposed to a light source for as little as ten seconds. The appearance of the gauge is white when not illuminated.

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