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Swagelok Albany | Connecticut

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

YMCA Achievers Learned About Various Departments on Their Tour

On May 11, Swagelok Albany | Connecticut | Vermont | Westchester was pleased to host a “Wonder of Work” tour for 11 students and two leaders of the YMCA Black and Latino Achievers program. The students made six stops on the tour and learned about the various departments of Albany Valve & Fitting Co., including Marketing, Customer Service, Finance, Assembly, Warehouse, and Sales. The students asked poignant questions about the presenters’ interests and what skills they found most valuable for being successful at their jobs. One aspiring attorney asked about legal services for the distributorship. Another student asked about internships. One even asked about employment benefits.

“It’s working with the people of Albany Valve that makes my job a pleasure,” Terry St. John, Finance said. “This is a small company and there’s a family feeling to it. I like the people I work with and can say that I have enjoyed working here for 30 years.”

The Achievers program welcomes students from all backgrounds, and helps them develop skills, raise their academic standards, graduate from high school, and focus on career goals. Members of the Achievers Program are provided with the opportunity to set exciting career and education goals and get the help they need to achieve those goals. Achievers meet new people and try many new, worthwhile experiences including workplace tours, resume and interview skills, and financial literacy, among others. The “Wonder of Work” tours give the students a look at the businesses in the local community and the opportunities there.  

“The information presented was very thorough and illustrated the multi-faceted business of Swagelok,” Anzala Alozie, Executive Director of Youth Development and the Albany YMCA noted. “Their curiosity was certainly piqued and they were quite impressed with your operation.” 

AVF’s sponsorship of the Achievers program helps to support youth leadership development.

“I’m responsible for all of the product you see,” Mike St. John, Warehouse Associate said. “We stock 520,000 pieces; ship 1,200 a month; and receive between 40-100 packages a day. I ensure that our shipments are accurate so that we are delivering the highest level of customer service.”

One student asked Mike if he knew the names of the all of the products.  “About 75%,” he replied.

For more information about the YMCA Achievers program, please visit the Capital District YMCA website