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Swagelok Albany | Connecticut

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

The Advantage of Local

Warehouse manager
Warehouse manager

Excellence only means something if you can use it. Similarly, top quality is valuable to customers only if it meets their specs and their schedule. This is the genius of Swagelok’s network: world-class quality, delivered through a world-class supply chain to the local level—by people with unsurpassed dedication to the customers they serve. 


Fast. Because we are so close to most of our customer sites, we can deliver solutions in days—even same-day—instead of weeks. 

Responsive. The “speed of local” enables us to flex with the demanding and the unexpected. When a “surprise” shows up, when the shipment must arrive now, when the next big order includes a difficult requirement, we take on the customer’s challenge as our challenge. Our people rise to the challenge: unusual bends or special sleeves, fast assembly, special tagging, or anything else. 

Collaborative. Backed by Swagelok global support, our local experts and technicians work closely with you to develop the solutions you need. We truly understand our customers’ business and will help you to be more competitive in your markets.

Because of these advantages, our solutions for our customers become your solutions for your customers. Everyone gains efficiency, performance, customer loyalty, and competitive advantage. And it all starts with the global network of which we are a part.