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Swagelok Albany | Connecticut

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Serving Here and Everywhere

Oil and gas compressor plant

As a local presence, we are dedicated to the customers who have made Swagelok Albany | Connecticut their home. That has led us to provide a wide array of products for the diversity of markets that thrive here. Whether it's a cooling system for a computer chip manufacturer or a manifold for oil and gas midstream, we are able to respond. 

At the same time, few companies have only one location in today's multinational market. That's why we work with our Swagelok partners in 70 countries throughout the world—including the one closest to your site—to ensure excellent quality and fast delivery. That kind of seamless collaboration, backed by world-class expertise, is what makes us one interconnected global organization … One Swagelok.

Our primary markets include: