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Swagelok Albany | Connecticut

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Our precision test equipment ensures leak-free assemblies
There is a major difference between a supplier and a partner:
  • Supplier makes products available to customers
  • Partner not only does that, but empowers customers with knowledge to optimize the products in their applications
We are a partner in every aspect of our business:


• We offer a wide array of training courses, taught by Swagelok-certified instructors and other leading experts, held at customer sites and in our Sales and Service Centers. Hundreds of fabricators, assemblers, engineers, maintenance professionals, and management associates have completed these courses, improving their performance, minimizing the cost of errors and rework, and supporting lean applications.

• Many products don't follow "typical specs," so we provide custom solutions to suit. Swagelok-certified professionals regularly complete complex assemblies, build panels to the most challenging tolerances, weld a range of customer-defined products (from simple spool pieces to complex assemblies), and serve key markets in our clean room's Class 100 (ISO 5) and Class 1,000 (ISO 6) areas.

• Through our Field Engineering service, a team of Swagelok experts visits customers' sites to help optimize product life and performance. Through their suggestions for products, operations, and preventive maintenance, customers minimize downtime and product waste, enhance employee safety, and comply with environmental regulations.



• Custom fabrications and engineering. We take over responsibility for every step: 3D SolidWorks drawings, component selection, sourcing, fabrication, inspection, testing, straight through to packaging and delivery.


• Custom assembly. Our Swagelok-certified assemblers specialize in high-volume and challenging projects. Each assembly is backed with the Swagelok Limited Lifetime Warranty.

• Project management. We help you rein in the costs of your custom solution with our meticulous oversight of component selection, drawings, procurement, production, and logistics.

Local hose fabrication. Swagelok Albany | Connecticut is designed to get you your hose assemblies fast, including custom solutions. From our plant in Wallingford, CT, Swagelok Certified Installers can customize PTFE and PFA hose to your specified size, length, and end connection. If you need special sleeves, unusual lengths, material traceability, or special tagging, all you have to do is ask

• Custom tube bending. Our hand- and CNC-bending capabilities deliver tubing bent to your exact specifications—with no scrap and no rework.

• Bubble leak test station uses a positive pressure test with high-purity nitrogen to ensure leak-free assemblies.

• Helium leak tester can detect leak rates up to 1 x 10-9 cc/sec.

• Orbital welding ranges from simple spool pieces to complex weld assemblies—all performed by our ASME IX certified welder.

Clean room enables us to serve industries with stringent requirements for cleanliness: