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Swagelok Albany | Connecticut | Vermont | Westchester

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Dave Mosher and Pat Duffy participated in the Swagelok-sponsored event


On June 7, 2016, the rain cleared just in time for the start of Lea’s Open Golf Tournament at Glastonbury Hills Country Club in Connecticut. This event is one of the primary fundraisers for Lea’s Foundation for Leukemia Research, which funds research into the causes of, and cures for, Leukemia and its related cancers of Lymphoma, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and Myeloma. Additionally, the Foundation seeks to increase public awareness of these cancers and to provide patients and their families with limited direct financial assistance. The organization was founded in memory of Lea Economos, a young woman who died of Leukemia at 28. A total of 136 golfers participated, including Pat Duffy. Swagelok Albany | Connecticut | Vermont | Westchester was a Gold Sponsor.  

“This is a great way to spend time with my customers, enjoy the beautiful course, and raise money for cancer research,” Pat Duffy, Business Development Manager said. “I’m proud to represent Swagelok Albany | Connecticut | Vermont | Westchester."   

This is Year 16 for the Lea’s Foundation event. The golf tournament has grown over the years in income thanks to sponsors and organizations that participate in the raffles that the Foundation runs. The first year, they raised $12,000. This year they hope to be in the $30,000 range. 

“I am touched by the generosity of our sponsors,” Gary Laurito, President/Treasurer, Lea’s Foundation for Leukemia Research said. “We are dedicated to eradicating Leukemia and so pleased to see the outpouring of support at today’s event. We are grateful to everyone who participated.” 

For information on Lea’s Foundation, visit