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Innovation Award Winner Q2 2017

Chris DeRuscio, Innovation Award Winner


Congratulations to Chris DeRuscio, the second Associate to be awarded the distributorship’s Innovation Award. Chris developed an idea to incorporate a program regularly used by Customer Service Representatives in order to delve deeper into customer insight, one strategy of the Strategic Plan. Chris’ idea uses an existing system in an innovative way to inform CSRs about an account. “We always go the extra mile for our customers,” Chris said. “With this approach, we can go even further beyond their expectations.”

Chris has worked for this company for 28 years.  “When I first started out, about 75% of the activity was simple – you entered an order and then it was done,” said Chris. “Today, we have done a complete 180; 75% [or more] of the orders entered have special requirements. It’s no longer a matter of simply entering the order and being done.”

John Holmes, Sales Manger, was proud to nominate Chris for the Innovation Award. “Chris’ idea is great," John said. "It is very innovative to incorporate customer insight into our daily routine.”

Chris is honored to have received the distributorship’s Innovation Award.

John hopes this will inspire all Associates to submit nominations, either for their own innovative ideas, or on someone else’s behalf, by using the electronic Nomination Form or hardcopy form located on the O drive under Innovation Program, and in the break rooms at the Albany and CT locations.