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Innovation Award Winner Q1 2017

Clint Marshall, Innovation Award Winner


Congratulations to Clint Marshall, the first Associate to be awarded the distributorship’s new Innovation Award. In March 2017, Clint proposed a packaging system that would save the distributorship time and money when it comes to packaging assemblies, especially Custom Solutions, for shipping.

It’s called foam-in-place technology or exothermic foam expansion. After the item is packed for shipping, plastic is placed in the box to cover the product, foam is sprayed in, and then the foam expands to protect the item. The foam is nontoxic, environmentally safe, and completely recyclable. It can be used for shipping anywhere around the world. 

“Clint’s outside-the-box thinking is instrumental in how we’re packing our Custom Solutions,” Chris DeRuscio, Operations Manager, Quality said. “His new idea for packaging brings us to a new level of professionalism. I hope this opens the door for other Associates to think outside the box like Client did. There are no small ideas. I encourage people to come forward with ideas – you don’t know when something is going to be chosen and then we all realize huge savings.”

Marshall did a cost benefit analysis. Using the packaging he proposed will save the distributorship both time and money.

“In the past year we spent thousands of dollars in packaging material other than boxes,” Clint Marshall, Warehouse Associate said. “After the initial setup costs, this solution will decrease the packing costs significantly. As we focus on growth and moving forward, this particular setup of equipment will save both time to package and much of the dscost involved with boxing up our custom panels, regulators, and hoses.”

Chris DeRuscio, Operations Manager, Quality, was proud to nominate Clint for the Innovation Award.

“I’m proud of the way Clint is thinking. His presentation was incredible,” DeRuscio said. “Clint put all of the information together – it was spelled right out. I could put it in front of our President and simply ask for a yes or no.”  

Marshall was pleased to be chosen for the distributorship’s first Innovation Award. 

“It’s great to be recognized,” Marshall said. “What’s more, it’s nice to work for a company where you can not only go outside the box and come out with something that’s better for everybody, but just to be trusted.  Associates can come up with something and have minimal questions and they can move forward.  We are trusted with a lot of different things. That makes me even more proud to take this on as my own and do what I have to do.” 

All Associates are encouraged to submit nominations, either for their own innovative ideas, or on someone else’s behalf, by using the electronic Nomination Form or hardcopy form located on the O drive under Innovation Program, and in the break rooms at the Albany and CT locations.