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Innovation Award Winner Q3 2017

Brittany Schraeder, Innovation Award Winner


Congratulations to Brittany Schraeder, the third Associate to be awarded the distributorship’s Innovation Award. Brittany developed a tool for part number maintenance that will save the the Customer Service team approximately 288 hours of work in a year. 

The error rate on creating new part numbers in the DMS system is greater now than in the past due to the increased number of product lines we offer because of the acquisition of new products and the development of new product lines. Before the development of this tool, the CSRs would have to go into multiple screens in DMS and key-enter up to 20 fields for each part creation. Now they just need to know the product line and then they can cut-and-paste information from the tool into DMS -- Brittany’s tool saves time and increases accuracy.

“This tool replaces a process that used to take 3 minutes to one that takes a couple of seconds,” Greg Scrittorale, Custom Solutions Manager said. “The CSR puts in the part number, clicks, and then it’s done. This reduces time, reduces error, and creates accurate data in our system. Nothing is up for interpretation or left to be dealt with according to personal style. The tool frees up a ton of time.” 

“This project had no monetary cost and will save significant time for each Customer Service team member,” Christine Delarm, Customer Service Supervisor said. “I appreciate the collaboration of Brittany Schraeder and Greg Scrittorale for rolling out and training the CSRs on the tool.”

“I was excited about hearing that I had won the Innovation Award,” Brittany Schraeder, Sales and Service Coordinator said. “Anything to make a process more efficient and improve things is what I’m going for.”